We can assist you to ensure that you have the highest level of success fufilling the official requirements of the country of destination.

Long-Term Residency

We render assistance in completing all paperwork required by Immigration and Citizenship Canada,
Australia ETC

Work/Visit Visa

Our services covers both within and outside Canada. An open work permit allows you to work for any employer within the desired country.

Study Permit
and Study Visa

Work Permit
and Work Visa

Finding jobs for
Canadians and Foreigners

The scope of our
services include but
is not limited to the following

Up-to-date information about the Point System used to determine eligibility

Assessment of an individual’s likelihood of successfully immigrating to Canada under eligible criteria

Assist with English Test Training and Exam Registration

How do I start?

We can begin an evaluation of your chances of immigration to Canada today! You can start by completing our Paid Online Evaluation Immigration Form/questionnaire. Within 48hrs of receiving your completed questionnaire, we will advise you of your chances for immigrating to Canada, as well as the cost of our services should you qualify. We treat each questionnaire with strict confidentiality.